Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

Everyone wants to lose weight to look better or for health reasons. But it is easier said than done. Losing weight can be extremely difficult for some people. It can also take a lot of time. Hence, people take different supplements to speed up the process. There are hundreds of supplements which claims to assist in weight loss. But most of them are fake and will probably result in serious side effects.

green coffee bean extract reviews

However, recently green coffee been extract has been making the headlines. It is currently one of the most famous weight loss supplements which you can try out. Green coffee bean extract reviews has been done by Starbucks before. They have said many times before, that green coffee beans are an extremely important source of energy and also has no added flavor.

However, it became famous after Dr. Oz promoted it on his show. Dr. Oz is famous all over the world as a health fitness expert. And when he suggest any product, it is almost guaranteed that it will work. He conducted his own experiment with 100 women. All the ladies were instructed to include green coffee beans in their diets for two weeks. After that, it was found that all of them lost around 2 pounds in just 1 week. 

Green Coffee Bean Extract reviews:

What exactly do you mean by green coffee beans: Green coffee beans are basically those coffee beans which are not roasted. Initially, all the coffee beans are actually green in color. But before they are sold to the market for consumption, they are roasted and as a result, the color changes to brown.

Why not just drink coffee: Chlorogenic acid is the most important and healthy ingredient which is present inside the coffee beans. But unfortunately, in the process of roasting, all of the acid is lost. Hence, if you drink normal coffee, you won’t get the benefit of Chlorogenic acid. However, there are other important benefits of drinking coffee as well.

How does it work:

As discussed before, Chrologenic acid is the main reason behind the success of this supplement. It can reduce the blood sugar levels in your body. It can also reduce the amount of fat which gets stored in your liver and also speed up the fat burning process. Apart from that, it also helps to maintain the proper cholesterol level in your body. Caffeine is also present in the green coffee bean extract. Caffeine can speed up the metabolism process. As a result, it will reduce the amount of fat that gets stored in your body.

Studies: There are plenty of studies which have been conducted to prove the success of green coffee bean extract. One of those studies were conducted by taking 30 fat individuals. They were divided into two groups. One of the groups drank regular coffee for 3 months. While the other group, drank normal coffee with green coffee bean extract for 3 months. It was found that after 3 months, the first group lost only 1.6 kg, while the other group lost as much as around 5.5 kg.

Health benefits: Some of its benefits are:

1. Weight loss; The main benefit is obviously weight loss. Losing weight is the main intention of this supplement, and it does its job quite well. Have around 100 mg of the extract for around 2 months, and you will definitely be able to see the difference.

2. Blood pressure: As per studies, it has also been proved that green coffee bean extract can also lower your blood pressure level.

It can also help you with diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer disease.

Side effects:

If you are wondering about any severe side effects, then you don’t need to worry. There have been no reported side effects so far. Many people has taken around 500 mg of the extract for 3 months, and experienced no side effects. However, you should remember that caffeine is present in the extract. Hence, all the side effects associated with caffeine is possible in this case.
The main side effects of caffeine are:

1. Insomnia: Insomnia is the most common side effect of caffeine. Consuming high levels of caffeine may result in difficulty to sleep. It is better to avoid caffeine during late nights.

2. Glaucoma: Some studies indicate that high levels of caffeine can result in glaucoma. Glaucoma basically means that the pressure inside your eyes increases, and you may have some difficulty in seeing.

3. Osteoporosis: High levels of caffeine can also result in osteoporosis. It basically means thinning of your bones. It may increase the amount of calcium inside your body which will result in your bones getting weaker. If you are already suffering from bone problems, then it will be best to avoid it.

Pregnant ladies are also advised to stay away from green coffee bean extract. All the above side effects except insomnia are extremely rare though. They are only seen in one or two cases. In short, green coffee bean extract has no side effects of its own. But since it contains caffeine, the side effects of caffeine may take place.

Dosage: The level of dosage depends on a lot of factors like your age, weight and whether you are suffering from any medical condition or not. Generally, it is seen that 200mg of the extract everyday for 3 months does the job pretty well. However, it is always advisable that you consult your doctor once before taking it.

Green coffee bean extract reviews: There are thousands of green coffee bean extract reviews in the Internet given by all its users. Almost all of them are positive and full of praises for the extract. One of the users said that he lost 30 pounds within just one month. Another user claimed that she lost 2 pounds within just one week, without making any other changes to her diet. Thus going by the green coffee bean extract reviews, it seems to be working fine for most people.

Final conclusion: If you are looking to lose weight rapidly, then this is the best supplement for you. It has no serious side effects, and also has other health benefits as well. Apart from that, green coffee bean extract reviews have also been extremely positive so far. You can buy green coffee bean extract from official website below:

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