What steps can you take to avoid problems when fasting to lose weight?

What are the right and wrong ways to fast to lose weight? What steps can you take to avoid problems when fasting to lose weight?

Right Way: Fast for a day or two to lose weight.
Wrong Way: Try to go a whole week without eating anything, except, perhaps, herbal tea or zero calorie soup.

fasting to lose weight

Explanation: Fasting to lose weight for a day or two can force you to adjust your diet. After a day or two with nothing but water or tea, you’ll relish eating anything, including fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and other healthy selections you snubbed when a fast food plethora awaited. A fast could kick start healthy eating because anything tastes good after a fast. Starving yourself for a whole week will leave you severely weak and endanger your health.

Right Way: Fasting for a weekend while staying hydrated.
Wrong Way: Fasting to lose weight while cleansing.

Explanation: While fasting while cleansing will cause you to lose five to ten pounds, this is also why people suffering from cholera and dysentery are so skinny. Cleansing forces all of the food in every stage of your digestive tract out, while fasting means nothing else is coming in. Trying to fast to lose weight while on a colon cleanse could kill you via dehydration and shock.

Right: Fasting while taking vitamins.
Wrong: Fasting while using stimulants or herbs to accelerate your metabolism.

Explanation: Fasting to lose weight will not be impacted by taking vitamins unless you are consuming gummy vitamins. Fasting while taking stimulants may cause your body to burn more calories. And the stimulants may suppress your appetite while fasting, making it easier to go without food.

However, the stimulants are uppers, and consuming these compounds on an empty stomach heightens their effect. You risk addiction to the stimulants, heart palpitations, anxiety and every other dangerous side effect by trying to combine stimulants with fasting.

Right Way: Fasting while cutting back on physical activity.
Wrong Way: Fasting to lose weight while exercising regularly.

Explanation: Fasting means cutting your food intake to zero or nearly nothing. This puts your body in starvation mode. Fasting could leave you light headed, dizzy, and fatigued. Working out while in this state could cause you to pass out.

It will use up your body’s immediate energy reserves and cause it to burn fat, but it could also result in compound exhaustion and unconsciousness. The danger is greater when you are exposed to heat or prone to overheating, because you could pass out while dehydrated.

Whether sitting in a hot sauna or running around in 50�F weather in a track suit, you could pass out due to exertion while fasting and die of heat exposure or heat exhaustion. If you are fasting, do what Ghandi did and literally take a break from the activities of life.

fasting to lose weight

Right Way: Break the fast with a modest breakfast.
Wrong Way: Pigging out after a day without food.

Explanation: The term breakfast comes from breaking a fast, essentially not eating anything over night. You should have a small meal consisting of healthy foods like fruit, bread, juice and protein. Don’t break a fast with a large helping of fatty goods or sweets. This could upset your stomach. Eating too much after a fast could make you vomit.

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